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The process of loading and unloading sea vessels. We load and unload our vessels through our sophisticated static cranes, in which it has efficiently and effectively done its job. We currently operate eight cranes, with two, and more, new cranes operating soon.

Our business origin began with loading and unloading coals, and still is one of our main source of income. But since then, we’ve expanded our expertise, supporting more commodities such as log, construction sands and materials, bagged cargos, etc.

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Stevedoring 01
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PT. Gresik Jasatama offers assistance to those whom require delivery service. As part of our one-stop-solution program, we have obtained relations with various delivery/logistic enterprises that could help you with delivering your cargo..

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Cargo owners have the option to temporarily store their cargo in our closed warehouse. We have two kinds of storage; one that specializes in storing coals, while the other for bagged or other dry cargo, such as construction materials

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Storage 01
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Cargo Handled

Cargo owners have the option to temporarily store their cargo in our closed warehouse. We have two kinds of storage; one that specializes in storing coals, while the other for bagged or other dry cargo, such as construction materials.

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Cargo Handled 01
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We provide one-stop solution for logistic services

"Support your loading/unloading operations with our own stevedoring team and facilities for general cargo"

Our Story

PT Gresik Jasatama was established in 1994, and began operating in 2005 as the first dry port in Gresik; it was established by the late co-founder, Surya Riyadi, and co-founder, Rudy D. Siaputra. We became the first port in the area to integrate large-scale modern facilities into our handling services, making us one of the fastest operating ports in East Java. As we mature, we begin ministering additional cargos, such as log, industrial materials, bagged goods, and CPOs, eventually becoming Dry Bulk, Log, and Multipurpose port terminal. In addition, we also tend to supporting services, which include land delivery services (trucking/railway), and warehouse storages.

PT Gresik Jasatama currently stands on 8.3 ha of reclaimed land, with five fully operational jetties, followed by another one by late 2016 (and many more in different regions of the country). We have eight state-of-the-art permanent cranes that are operating, and two more are ready for the new jetty. Along with many other supporting vehicles, they are operated and managed by 150 experienced personnel, committed to enterprise’s virtue.

PT Gresik Jasatama has been branded nation’s vital object; key force to the nation’s economy. With this honor, comes great responsibility to ensure that we meet its expectation. The enterprise is operating 24-hours daily, while adopting new innovation to preserve country's and stakeholders’ trust. Not to mention our responsibility to the society, we’ve been contributing portion of our resources to make sure that their Health conditions are properly met. These we do as our pledge to the nation’s prosperity.

Our long-term hope is to be the most reliable, and environmental friendly enterprise. PT Gresik Jasatama. has been improving every second, in both facilities and human resource system, to meet our goal. Our co-founders' intention of build PT Gresik Jasatama is, as a stepping stone to building an empire of enterprises that supports the industrial needs, and be a leading example in our area of expertise.

Vision / Visi

Menjadi pusat penyedia jasa kepelabuhanan dan logistik yang kompetitif dan berintegritas

Mision / Misi

  1. Menjamin ketersediaan dan kesiapan sarana-prasarana pelabuhan.
  2. Memberikan pelayanan jasa pelabuhan yang melampaui standar kinerja.
  3. Menjadikan SDM yang kompeten, berkinerja dan berpekerti luhur.
  4. Melaksanakan Good Corporate Governance (tata kelola perusahaan) untuk memenuhi harapan stakeholder.
  5. Menciptakan lingkungan kerja yang aman dan nyaman.

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If your inquiry is urgent, please use our telephone number, to talk to one of our staff members. Otherwise, we will reply by email as soon as possible.

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Jalan RE Martadinata No. 8, Gresik, Jawa Timur 61114

Tel : (031) 3972699, (031) 3975756

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